Saturday, December 6, 2008

PlayStation Home - Shopping Mall & Theater

The habour studio building, basically it is your start home

Right, i actually miss some interest point regarding the Home Square, actually there is a fews POI there..

Board games

Chess games

Man-made river/pond

Ok this place is locked.. i am guessing this gate will be open when there is events on it.

The wide screen TV ads.

Zoom in view / fullscreen

The Shooping Mall

Shopping mall building

Main hall of the shopping mall

The shopping is a 2 storey building

Currently there is 3 'working' shops in the shopping center. Meaning there is alot more in 'coming' soon section... also currently all the items sold in these shop are free... in future you might need to buy or earn credit or real money to buy it.

Home Stuff - Not yet open.

The estates - one Free house (Summer home)

Furniture shop - the most items sold here..

Since all is free, what the heck.. buy all!

And the bill comes out - £0.00

Another populors shop, clothings!

Buy Buy Buy!

This shop is still under renovation


The theater building

The main hall

Multiple screen cinemas

Inside the cinemas

Zoom in view

As for the Theater, well it is just what its supposed to be a theater. The theater is also a 2 storey building with multiple cinemas screen... kinda like TGV la. And whats inside or should i said the movie being played inside is actually either a Games Demo or Movie Trailers.. or maybe a full lenght movie?,.. well whose know? i never did manage to watch it, thanks to our country broadband services. It is too long to wait for the buffering so i just went off.


Ok this is just for a laugh, created a female character and see hows the games play difference from being just a guy character... and i can 100% tell you this.. it does makes a big difference.. you get serrounded by perverts in no time at all LoL... somehow someone from there also did managed to capture it down...

I also had bought a new Home.. if i am not mistaken its called Summer Home which is free from the estates outlet.. will post some on it next time... so for the time being enjoy this video clips.

Friday, December 5, 2008

PlayStation Home - Bowling Alley

Right last nite i managed to login into Home, created a character and getting ready to explore the Home world.

So today i managed to go outside and met everyone!!!.. basically the main place or street or Home Square is what the name of the place is called in the game is where everyone met each others.

Not so lonely anymore!!

It would be very cool and fun if your friends (PS3 owner) join you in it... the cyber world..! and as i mention before communication is easy.. either by text or voice.

The Front Enterance

Ok i aslo did downloaded the Bowling Alley, let check it out what fun lay ahead in there...

Inside the Bowling Alley

Lets get the fun started.

There is basically 3 types of game that you can play or interact in it.. Either playing a solo or against each others in real time. The main attraction is ofcourse the bowling, but it had limited lane tho.. so you must had some patient and wait for your turn.

Once started, you will be playing against others player (PS3 owners) from around the world, currently i am playing with someone from spain hehe.. if there is someone to join in your game.. or else you can play alone too.. just to build up your skill heh.

Not bad to me heh

Nicely done graphic

yeah!!.. i wish alvan was there tho.. then it would be much more fun!

hmm which one should i play?

Another attraction is the arcade machine which had 3 type of games. Ofcourse these arcade games you only can play alone/solo

Ice breaker.. classic..

Carrige return kinda like tetris concept

echochrome, some thing simply but addictive

Ofcourse the last one is the Pool which you can also play with your friends and others player... i did try it before.. but forgot to take a picture of the game systems.. and when i am ready to take a snap shot.. well its fully booked... oh well i guess u guys/gals will know what its looks like anyway.. same as those PS2 / PSP snookers games.

wow.. big screen

And there is also a couples of big LCD screen that playing games demo video.. which you can select to watch it in full screen also...

Well thats about it for the Bowling Alley section... currently i am downloading the Theater... and will post some review later... ciaooo

PlayStation Home

Recently i recieved an email invitation to join the Playstation Home Beta user tester. Well i was abit excited as i had been reading about the 'Home' for sometimes everysince i bought my PS3 last year. So straight away i finally turn on my PS3 after more than 3 months i didnt touch it.

As you can see the file size is not that bad.. well atleast for our country download speed... size does matter!... after leaving my PS3 to download it for overnight finally its done.. or izzit? Well nope.. seems like there is already ver 1.1 which needed to be updated sigh~... ok download it again... waited till next and try again...

The next day.. BUGGER! there is a new PS3 Update that need to be download... argggghh! suck to the broadband here

OK FINALLY!.. everything is done, i managed to get into the so called 'game'.. well its bascially more or less like 'The Sim' where first you created a character.

Nice hair do...

ermm.. abit too much?

Final stage

Its does looks really good, and with Sim like function.. such as sitting down, waving, dancing etc etc..

Take a rest

Now what kind of dance i shall performs?

The outside world does looks really cool tho, and there is actually a few location that you can go to, such as shops for shopping, bowling alley, theater etc.. but with each new locations you will need to download it... yeah one download for each location which is around 45mb per locations.

The navigator system

As for communications there is 2 way, the old typing (with or without keyboard) and voice (using bluetooth headset) So far as i am still downloading the rest of the location... which Gods know when it will finish... i didnt get to met any real time player (PS3 Owners) yet...

Text message at the bottom left corner

Leave of awhile and its goin to auto sleep mode.

Now what is Playstation Home and what does it do?.. basically it is a Free programe or Games if you like to call it which more or less like The Sim. But with home you can actually interact with all the PS3 owner in realtime (when they also login to the programe)

There will be alot of function or fun thing to do which will be updated one by one in the future.. for example you can use your PSP to connect to it, or even play your PSP in it..

From Wikipedia
PlayStation Home (also marketed and referred to simply as Home)[3] is a community-based service for the PlayStation Network which has been in development since early 2005. Home allows users to create an avatar for their PlayStation 3 console. This avatar will get their own virtual apartment space (called a "HomeSpace"), which can then be adorned with items users can receive in several different ways.

The current version of Home is v1.01 and was released to "Closed Beta" testers on November 21, 2008. The "Open Beta" will be available for download to the general public in December 2008. In a Q&A session with IGN, published on their website on November 25, 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment America Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller described the release of Home as "imminent" and stated that he expects the public launch to take place before the end of 2008.[4]